Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursdays are for the birds...

Well at least this Thursday was. The birds have it good and so do we ;) Enough of birds though, and heres a long and winding story of coinsidence and (perhaps?) of luck and a bit of grace once again falling on my head.

It starts with me looking at my final schedual. The university does all the schedualling so that, theoretically, no student should have exams conflicts (ei five exams on the same day etc etc). I mean we're talented, but not THAT talented. So I check and low and behold I have three exams on the same day, exact same time. Needless to say, I was a little concerned. Talking with profs and the schedualling people we got things all sorted out two of the three exams are moved to different days. Stick with me on this now, heres where it gets interesting.

Wensday rolls around and I show up at my English Prof's office to write my drama english test. Waiting in the hall, I see an add for a 24 hour playwright contest. Intrigued I said to myself, "What the hey, I should maybe try it out!" And so I am! See? its weird... I never would have seen that add if not for the messed up exam schedual. Call it what you will bt I'm going with grace and angels.

So the past few days I've been thinking, and all I can think of is "How cool would it be if Creatures was a play?" And thats where it sits, this idea in my brain that a Creatures story should be a play. I'll keep adding bits of Creatures to the blog but the play story idea I have to keep to myself until the contest (haha all has to be written in 24 hours of course). Heres the link to the contest details, if anyone else is in the Saskatoon area and interested, go for it, should be a good time for all. 24 Hour PlayWright

Until next time,
The Writer.


Josh said...

Sweetness! And just 24 hours? Dude, that's pa-lenty of time for you to pull off something sweet! Fun Stuff! Have fun with your exams!

John said...

Thanks man haha. It might be enough time.. haha I guess we'll see ;) Should e fun at any rate!