Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well heres a good day, the last one before I start my new job. I must say, I'm kinda looking forward to being employed again. It might have something to do with suddenly finding about three runs of Trade paperbacks I want to buy (haha anyone want to loan me 180$ for Bone? Anyone?) Anyway, I'll be able to routine my day once again with a job and that should, theoretically equal more time for writing. it may not, but hopefully it will. I still have a wicked EVE addiction too, so that will demand time. Oh! Just in case I haven't plugged EVE yet, probably the best online game you'll ever play. . Check it out, do the 2 week demo and then sign away your life. Haha I kid, its not that bad, no need for an intervention... Yet.

Alright enough of that stuff, time for what you all really want to hear! This past weekend I did the 24 hour playwright contest and I gotta say it was a humbling expierence. The awards ceremony was this morning and while I knew I was probably sub par, I still held out that small amount of hope that I might place a third. Yeeaaahhh right. Hearing the excerps from the winning plays in both the student and open categories I was absolutely stunned at the wit and pure skill of not only the expierenced playwrites but the student ones, two of which I'm sure were younger than I am. Haha I console my wounded pride int he knowledge that they were all drama students of some kind or another and I'm just a lowly novel writer. Met some good people though, and learned quite a bit about the playwriting community in Saskatoon, theres this underground society it seems, very dedicated to their work. Like vampires maybe, only less bloodthirsty.

Well here it is, in case anyone wants to read this thing I conceived. 27 pages, just over 10,000 words and written in a little over 10 hours (haha I copped out pretty early, it wasn't going to get any better without major overhauling to plot structure.) Haha due to length I decided to post it on a different webspace instead of torturing Blogger with it.

I really have to Thank a one Julian Kelly for how this turned out. Originally this was going to be a 'Creatures' story, and it still kinda is. Debating ideas for about 2 hours with Julian we turned it less into a 'Creatures' story and more into its own little stand alone project with no real ties to anything. So thanks dude! You're awesome!

Until Next time, God Bless,
The Writer.

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