Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Closing the Year, Looking Back, Peering Forward

I sat down to write stories, but found that the words wouldn't come. So I figured I'd add to my blog as I listen to a Podcast of a Warhammer 40K match. I think my geek cred is safe :) As far as writing goes, 2014 was an interesting mixed bag. More interaction with writing communities through scribophile and wattpad and some relationships made there, although less volume of writing was produced. Mirror Mirror kind of stalled shortly after summer which is unfortunate as it had gained a decent following on wattpad. Mynfield Mysteries was tinkered with, but nothing significant progressed. The only notable writing I've done recently is paid work through textbroker, which was a nice infusion of income when we're living paycheck to paycheck for no apparent reason. I've also struck up a relationship with a professional UK editor, which was had some mutual benefit.

Looking forward to 2015, I have two goals. One short story for the March submission deadline of the Canadian Writers Guild Annual Short Prose competition ( I've started work on a short story I'm tentatively calling 'Insomnia' about a man(being?) who deals in sleep as a commodity. The second goal I'm setting for myself is to finish a novella in the same world as the 'Angel Home' series. I need a good ending before I start anything and my intent is to develop the setting of the Angel Home world in preparation for a larger piece. If I can complete these two goals, I'll start looking at some of the other projects that have fallen to the wayside; Mirror Mirror and Mynfield rising to the surface as projects with the most work done on them to date, Angel Home coming in after as most complete idea.

2015 should be interesting. Unfortunately other constraints on my time, most of them because of stressed financials, are making it so I ether have less time to write or less energy to write. I'll continue my technical and product writing for textbroker, as it's a decent source of income although rarely could be considered creative work. I often wonder if I could work on my craft for a year if that could see any marked improvements or rise in quantity. I'm not sure. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to find out either.

Happy new year to all and best wishes as time lumbers on,

John the Writer