Sunday, July 08, 2007

I doodled this in about 20 minutes haha, just a weird idea I had:

“It’s my turn! Harvey did it last week, Shae the week before its my turn to feed the master!”
“Is not, its mine.”
“Oh and whys that? Cause you’re bigger?”
“That’s right, that’s the rule of the Gob, bigger is better.”
“Well I’s smarter, you wouldn’t want to be saying the wrong thing to the master would you?”
“I wouldn’t say anything!”
“Well that could be the wrong thing, right? Say the Master wants a little light conversation while he’s eating. Say he says to you ‘how’s the weather up top and outside?’ or ‘let’s debate on the current state of the Markets’ Asks you a simple question like that. I don’t trust you not to say something stupid!”
“I hardly ever say anything stupid, ‘sides, you don’t know how to debate the current state of any market!”
“No, but I could pretend like I did. I could say something like ‘oh its been one of those years, hasn’t it master?’. That’s what I’d say, and you wouldn’t. That makes me smarter than you.”
“How’s about I thump your skull until you’re as dumb as you say I am then? How’s that for a solution?”
“I don’t think I like that…”
“I was hoping you wouldn’t, here give us the food and I’ll let you be. I’ve been here 6 months, I want my promotion.”
“I’ve heard good things about the promotion, that’s what I really want.”
“I know it! Everyone who feeds the master gets to live up top and work in the palaces, they never have to come here again!”
“They get good jobs, not our sorts of jobs, its true if what they say is true.”
“They never come visit either… so I want to get out! Give us the food before I thump you!”
“I know! We’ll do a bit of gambling, that way it’ll be fair! We’ll toss coins for it!”
“This isn’t a trick is it?”
“I don’t want to get thumped…”
“Right then, I’ve got two coins, I’ll be evens you be odds. Here goes…”
“Aha! Odds! I win!”
“Well maybe next week I can, come visit us a little if you get time?”
“Yes… yes I’ll come visit a little. Well, wish me luck!”
“You don’t need it, you are very smart, but luck anyhow.”
The passage to the master was long and low, but getting lighter with every step the small Gob took. A red fire burned like a never ending furnace in the master’s chamber, in the master himself. The passage ended and the Gob stood on a ledge overlooking a vast glittering pile of gold and treasure. Upon the top of it sat the master, a red wyrm coiled countless times, fire spouting from his nose and mouth, lighting the whole expansive room.
“Food yer Masterfulness.” The Gob exclaimed.
The master moved lightning quick, snapping up the gob in hi maw and downing the basket of garnish in one quick bite.
“Hmmm food, yes, barely. Must look into getting a maiden sometime soon.” And the master settled in for a week long nap.