Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last legs of a pretty darn good year.

Hey all! I guess Christmas is a valid excuse for not updating this thing. Its funny how one holiday that actually lasts about 24 hours can literally consume a month. People nod and accept it saying that 'well, it is christmas season...' things are put on hold, tight budgets are loosened and diets are completely ruined; all for Christmas. But isn't it wonderous?

Now its over and I feel I must report on my writing activities for the past month and for the future year.

There does exist a new Piper Sorrows but I'm not satisfied with it. 'Confessions: part two' is actually a fairly critical chunk in the story that will unviel what Piper is about and who he is. As his character developed more or less at random from several short stories I'm forced now to think hard about who he is. It's probably the hardest part of stoy writing. Some characters write themselves, I've expiereced this before. Celest from Culture is one such character. In any given situation I know exactly how she should react. Piper is far different and, with a story as loosely defined as his, I need to sit down and figure out where to go from here. Rest assured there will be more Piper coming, but it won't come until I'm happy with his story.

Other than piper I've decided to give myself a very narrow set of goals. These include doing a certain amount of chapters as opposed to completing whole novels, and completing short stories. Piper stories, creature stories and Black Nine's stories are among the shorts I'll be working on, and Culture and 1001 will be the novel projects. As far as comic projects go there is a possibility of Piper stories being converted, as well as Under House. Others will be worked on as oppurtunity and time allow.

Thanks for all the support form the last year! It has been great! Happy New year everyone!

John, the writer.