Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I hate ranting about movies.. which is odd because I do it so often. But A few little points about Fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer. I like that they kept it true to the source, or at least fairly true to the source. The bickering between the team had a very family feel to it, the events, teh characters, you could believe that would be how they'd act. And really, I can't complain about most of the acting, it was well done for the material they were given.

HOWEVER, does all that make a good movie? Well.. I guess not. I really beleive that the second suffered for much the same reasons as the first movie, but because the first movie had the benifit of the origins story and teh second one only had the benifit of the wedding... well lets face it, an origins story line will win out over a simple wedding theme every time. Couple that with an anti climatic ending annnnddd.. well yeah.

Basically I was expecting a blockbuster and what was presented was something I might watch on TV. Anyway, it was decent but wasn't in the greats of movies as far as I'm concerned. Silver Surfer was pretty cool ;)

oookkk that aside, I'm working on a few little things that I should post later this week. I'm basically rewriting 1001 and then working on a little side project at work when I have a few spare minutes. I'll more than likely post my FINISHED 1001 prologue and the first bit of my work doodling in subsequent days. Until then! adios ;)