Friday, April 07, 2006

Creatures Mini Series.

I was thinking in English class today about something that I would be able to post on this thing. And I got a tickle in the back of my mind. See, I was reading this amazing sequence project by Outcast Studios yeaterday ( called IMPH ( And it got me thinking. First the format, these sequences are high detailed snapshop bits of a wildly interesting and strange world that are usually 4 pages. The artwork inspired me and the the format intrigued me. Why couldn't a witer do something similar? Little snapshop bits of a world, small scenes that didn't necessarily have anything to do with anything else on a larger scale? Loving the world that Berghout and Laurent created I decided to do soemthing similar. (I'm a sucker for robots on most days anyway) Hopefully its far enough away that I'm not copying anything but I really hope I capture the same feel they were going for. To this end I'll be posting this mini-series I've dubbed "Creatures" in the blog from time to time along with updates and content from my other projects. I am both pleased and proud to present the first 'Creatures'. Please enjoy.

John Gunningham.
The Writer.

Creatures ~ Part one ~

“You sure you saw what you said you seen?”
“Course I’m sure!”
“Well you said you seen stuff before, and it’s really been nothing. That’s why I ask.”
“That’s not why you ask is it?”
“It’s my patch isn’t it? That’s why you asked isn’t it?”
“Look here, I just got one patch, just one! Its cause the light hurts this one eye, not the other one! This eyes fine! I see better with this eye than you with your two!”
“Is that so?”
“It is. See, it’s your nose. Nothing could see properly with a nose that big in the way!”
“Is that so?”
“I just said it’s so!”
“I have to admit, I see better if I turn my head from side to side, look on side of my nose then the other. I do see better if I look that way.”
“But you do have that patch over the one eye, and you said before you seen things that ain’t been there.”
“Like when?”
“Like just yesterday! I remember you saying ‘look! There’s a good bit of food for us!’ And what did it turn out to be? A lump of sod is what! How is that a good bit of food I ask?!”
“It was a trick of the light…”
“Hah! Then this another ‘trick of the light’? Tramping trough the jungle in this heat when we could be in a nice cool hole. Looking for things that were falling outta the sky. Madness and light tricks!”
“I said I seen something fall out of the sky and that’s what I saw!”
“But you don’t know what it looked like?”
“The light was funny.”
“I bet it was. How are we to know we’ve found what we’re looking for if we don’t know what we’re looking for looks like?”
“I’ve got a feeling we’ll know.”
“Feelings and tricks in light. Why do I follow you anyways?”
“Cause I got the cooking pack is why.”
“Oh right…”
“And that makes me the boss right?”
“Its cause Hib said you were boss is why you’re the boss.”
“Right, that’s why. Under Hib I’m number one. And its cause Hib said so and cause I got the cooking pack.”
“That’s right.”
“So follow up and help me find what I’m looking for. Hib’ll want to know about bits of things falling from the sky.”
“If bits of things are really falling from the sky…”
“What’s that?”
“Nothing, following, I’m following.”
“Look here… hurry up! Look over here! See? See?! I told you I saw it!”
“What’s… what’s that?”
“Looks like… well its up in that tree pretty high, caught up in the vines. Is it moving? I thought I saw it moving!”
“Just a trick of the light. What is it?”
“I can’t see from here.”
“Hah! You admitting you can’t see?”
“From here! Anyway, I saw it fall didn’t I? I told you I saw something fall and I was right. You’re a good throw, throw your swish at it and cut it down.”
“My swish? What if I lose it?”
“You’re a good throw with a swish, you won’t lose it.”
“But what if I do?”
“I’ll give you mine if you lose it, you’ve always liked my swish right? I’ll give you mine and get a different one myself if you lose yours.”
“Look I think its moving!”
“I thought you said it was a trick of the light?”
“No it’s moving a little! It’s breaking free! Watch out, watch out! It’s falling!”


“Well that was close. I was sweating.”
“I think I did more than sweat…”
“What is it?”
“It was moving, I won’t get close.”
“Why not?”
“What if it’s dangerous? All I have is my swish and its not good at hitting close things.”
“Here then, take a pan.”
“The heavy pan?
“If it’s dangerous, you can clobber it. It’s a good heavy pan.”
“Never clobbered something before…”
“There’s nothing to it, just bonk and slam and the thing you need clobbered is clobbered but good.”
“Alright. If I yell like I’m getting clobbered, you run to help?”
“I’ve got the other pan, I’ll help if you yell.”
“Alright, here I go…”


“Come look, its not moving anymore! I think it’s broken!
“Broken, what is it?”
“It looks like a bolter, or bits of a bolter. She’s broken!”
“A bolter!”
“What should we do? She’s not dead, bolters are hard to make dead, but she isn’t moving. I think she’s broken.”
“A bolter!”
“That’s what I said!”
“How’s a bolter fall from the sky?”
“Can you fix a bolter? I can’t.”
“Hib can fix her. Hib can fix her. We’ll take her to Hib, he’ll know what to do.”


Josh said...

Love IMPH. Love this! Keep it up Buddy!

John said...

thanks man :) IMPH is.. wow.. its tough to express the amuont of respect I have for those guys!