Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alright alright and hello,

Consider this the first official post. Though I'm sure it will change in the near future as i think of more interesting things to post about. My life isn't very interesting most days so I think I'll usually post storys and fun news that I find on the net. So without further adu (Thats french for something I think...)

Current Projects that are recieving attention are the follows.

This is a comic project that is being written with Josh Alves on pencils and Chad LaForce with his excellent inks. The story revolves around a Beaver and an Armadillo and the zoo in which they live. I'd classify it under the cute, funny and hopefully message filled category of story. This is probably the story the will recieve the most active work in the near Future.

Pariah Dispersia
This is my long and ongoing comic project with Josh Alves. I've already gone into the story a little on our 4th Watch Blog space (the links riiight over there to your right if you're interested) and has a special place in my heart. Not only is it some of my best work to date, I'm extremely pleased with the complexity of the time frames that we're writing the storys. Multiple views of the same events all tied together. Going to be epic!

Black Nines
This ones a personal project in one of my favorite genres: Science Fiction. I originally had this idea after watching Mission Impossible II. The whole idea of an agency with multiple agents all with different skill sets for different missions sounded ideal for a series of connected novellas and thus I dreamed up the Black Nines, a covert agency funded by governing bodies to combat terrorism and piracy in a distant future world. Characterization is heavily influenced by 'Ghost in the Shell' using alot of cyborg type characters. The world is populated by multiple planets, system governements, a spanning 'treaty governement' called the Forsant Accord and multiple industrial giants. Space ships, laser guns and mutants all make their appearances. Most likely to be the most updated piece of my private projects as they are shorter works that hopefully will all tie together in the end.

Condition Genesis & 1001
Well.. although these two pieces are not related in the slightest, they were both entries for the Nano writing contest of 2005 and 2004 respectively. They both have alot of content and raw ideas but completely unedited (for those of you not familuar with Nano, its basically a persoanl challenge to see if you can write 50,000 words in a month. 1001 made it! Condition Genesis didn't). Condition Genesis deals with a planet that draws interstellar junk to itself and the survivors of multiple ship crashes that have set up civilization there. Its science fiction with a gritty steampunk feel. 1001 is pure fantasy based on the idea of 'instead of starting with a curse just placed... why not start with a curse just ended?' The people of the broken isles have lived for a thousand years under a curse but have completely forgotten about it. Now things are about to get much better as the curse is lifting, but also much, much stranger as the world reverts to its precurse condition. I like both of these stories... but they are on teh sidelines at the moment as each would be a massive undertaking to bring up to publishable quality.

Perhaps my greatest story. Culture attempts to deal with culture, race, religion, sub-culture and pop culture all in a very fictional world built to exagerate these differences. Its not fantasy, its something... different. Populated by traditional fantasy races (elf, human, dwarf, goblin, dragons etc.) the world itself is made up of continents that float in orbit around a central dense mass. The people of the world are just now beginning to discover flight and venture beyond their continents and meeting up with other races they didn't beleive existed. Religious faith and racial alliances are called into question as different cultures clash and attempt to co-exist. The story follows Raven, the daughter of an elfin Ambassador in a human city-state, as she and her friends are challenged with everything from war to heartbreak. Hopefully not typical, hopfully fairly shocking and heart warming and hopefully touching on a huge number of social issues, Culture has been a work in progress for years and more than likely will continue to be a work in progress for many more years. Updates when possible.

Next to Culutre sits Water. Far older (I recently found the original script I wrote for Water back in grade 10... thats seven years ago for you guys keeping score at home) I started actively working on this about a week ago again and am very pleased with how its turning out. The story centers on Anne Tourcoat who believes her father was lost at sea when he was being arrested for treason many years ago. Now she recieves evidence that her father is alive, and that her father's old men are looking for her. As it turns out, Anne's father shut a portal of power from the other side and Anne (being of the same blood as her father) is the only thing that can both open the portal and save her father. Theres a bit more to it than that, of course, but thats all I'll telling right now.

Various others...
All the TICM comic projects I've worked on, Renaissance: Immortal Dance is a gothic vampire story set in town rife with immortals living along side ignorant mortals. Dusk Till Dawn is a pure fantasy I wrote about a single night in the life of two university students in a small town. Other here again gone again stories like Robots and Jungles, an excuse to make hill-billy military Robot pilots; Under the Green Roof a realistic story about an odd ball family; Underhouse, one of those ideas in my head that has alot of notes but absolutely no start to it... Thats all there is at the moment, looking back it sure looks like enough.

Well alright thats enough for one post. I'll be posting updates and content as time allows. Thank you everyone for visiting and take care out there!

The Writer.

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