Monday, July 03, 2006

Better late than.... well ok, thats an old one. Not excuses. I'm late. Still, character bios :) Next update will contain either the first bit of Black Nines or the Prologue of 1001, depending on which gets worked on first :)

Nina Harper. Her father was a snowman and her mother an ice queen. Those that survive this woman's cold shoulder should consider themselves lucky. Cold and collected, nothing can faze this agent or her skills as an infiltration and retrieval expert. She is not a leader, rather preferring to follow the orders of strategic minds and work as a lone wolf unit. One of her only flaws might be an inability to creatively think of solutions for problems. Even so, she is a valued asset as a Black Ops agent.

Kurtis Strange. He’s a grinning fool with a lightening draw. Kurtis is an expert in the ‘mix it up’ style of agent work. As a leader he is a brilliantly creative man who lives outside the box of normal thought. Expert in close combat and small firearms his assault strategies usually follow a style that incorporates explosions and stylistic firefights. The fact that he still remains alive after over 100 missions of fire, bullets and gin attests to his capable abilities.

Mary Stello. An army of one. Well, the commander of an army of one. Mary pilots an intercept carrier, her mind controlling a fleet of sixty-three intercept attack units. Mary’s brain is augmented by a complex A.I. network that allows her to manifest a virtual copy of herself dozens of times in different interceptors in her ships network, allowing her to control different units at the same time. When fleet support is required, she is the agent to call.

Chris ‘8ball’ Conrad. A smooth operator with a passion for pool, Chris prefers guile to direct confrontation. His body has been infused with a dragonfly defense unit, allowing him to control five orbs on specific magnetic fields around himself. Though not technically a cyborg, the hardware is very apparent on his body, even with the main unit uncoupled. His nerve and hard to mess with cool makes him a good choice for deep cover and missions in need of a soft touch.

Ajax and Cujo. Cyborg brothers in a big way. The two brothers served together as marines and later as Black Op’s agents. Forsaking flesh for mechanical ability, the two hardcore marines adopted Hx-toughcop urban warfare hardware upgrades. Both now stand 12 feet tall and nearly completely mechanized, the only things they kept from their human existence is flesh brains and a passion for heavy guns. When things need to be leveled indiscriminately, the brothers are called in to fill the heavy support role.

Jason Keith. Programming and network specialist. Before coming into employment with the Black Nines he worked as a freelance hacker for corporations, trafficking sensitive information. He was considered one of the best among the megacorp pirates. Now he employs his hacker and security skills for a slightly more legal organization. There is talk that Jason joined Black Nines under threat of his life, and that he is not allowed to leave the compound except under mission circumstances, but these rumors have never been founded. Jason doesn't talk much.

Sandra White. Pilot. Sandra can fly anything. One of only a handful of pilots who can run a craft without jacking in, Sandra is a versatile agent who also fills surveillance and support roles when the occasion arises. Known as the agent with jack-of-all-trades skill set she is versatile and valuable to Black Ops. Qualifications range from small to mid sized atmospheric and space craft.

Marko Slate. A mutant from Egypt labs who found a place first in the Forsant Security Task forces and then in the Black Nines themselves. He is an incredibly tough, strong and agile mutant created for construction work. Not initially created to be creative Marko still exhibits many free ideas not part of his original creation programming. On the outside he's a bluish tinge skin of organic armor, squat and powerful.

Casper and Sage. A sweeper team, bald and pale, cold and calculating. As much as the Accord agencies try to keep things above the board, sometimes in the world of intrigue and terrorism, it helps to be closer to the terrorist's level. Casper and Sage will follow every order, relentlessly and faithfully. Having undergone intense conditioning their faithfulness to the Accord is unquestionable and rivaled only by their skills as killers. When someone needs to disappear discreetly, Casper and Sage are called in from the shadows.

Joshua 'Stony' Acres. Intelligence Director at the Black nines. He has been in out of the security world for the past fifty years of his life, originally as a field agent and then moving into positions as a handler and further up into roles of upper house management. His somewhat easy going demeanor hides a calculating mind and a razor sharp memory. Through all the things hes seen and done, Stony has still retained his humor and compassion for the people, not allowing himself to become a cold man. Well connected, well informed and able to think in the many layers of Accord and Universe politics, Stony should never be underestimated.

Richard Aries. Another Directors in the Black Nines management team. A young prodigy of Accord conditioning, Aries has a mind that works like an organic computer; able to compute probabilities and scenario outcomes on the fly with only the assistance of minor brain mods. His only fault might be the value he places on human life and his willingness to sacrifice others for the greater good of the Accord. Still, his ability as a mission planner is unparalleled, making him one of the most dangerous men in the Accord.


Beks said...

Sounds like a great group of Characters John...The amazingly awesome John has done it once again...from what I've read of it so far Black Nines is prety amazing =) ;) Hope Canada day was fabulous. Never stop smiling!

Josh said...

Black Nines! Excellent!

Great character descriptions!

Beks said...

John!...this world is in some desperate need of some good imaginative juices that only you can create...alright..i'll confess my world is in need of some good ol fashioned stories that are locked in your head. haha...I'm bored and the whole painting thing isn't working in my life at the moment so I thought i would message you.