Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An opinion... thats worth about as much as a grain of salt.

For those that know me, or even casual people who see me on occasion and on said occaisons we exchange words and chit chat, it is obvious that I like comics. I have tried to steer away from super hero comics, they just have never appealed to me. I even use the term "Goofs in tights" Still, I'm starting to see the error of my ways. This is largely because of the onslaught of super movies ( previously super comics ) that are appearing in the "Coming soon!" and "Now Playing!" Sections of our theaters and movie stores. Most of these comic movies ( with exceptions being "A History of Violence" and "V for Vendetta" ) are superhero movies. Now I'd like to point out that many of these movies are not like the comics. That is, they're not good. Marvel has been... ok, batting about 50%. And really, thats fairly respectable. With Spiderman 1 & 2 being massive successes and titles like Electra and Daredevil meating passable praise ( though there were a few scenes worth watching )

Now onward and upword! There are three upcoming ( and arived ) movies I'd like to mention. Superman Returns is the obvious one, as its now showing and Spiderman 3 (the trailer was released yesterday) and Ghost Rider. Watch the Spiderman 3 trailer.... several times. Then meditate on it. It is possible they took the best parts of the source content and condensed it down into a film ( an extremely hard thing to do I might add ) Thats what it looks like. I can't ruin anything so I'll just say it: The suit + Sandman + Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin. Looks like they put the suit in this one WITHOUT Venom (which I think is good cause then they'd try to pack tooo much stuff into it [ahem xmen 3?]) If they keep the same love story / revenge bit / human interest plus spider powers recipe they've been keeping to thus far, I think it'll be great.

Superman I have little to comment on. I've heard rave reviews from skeptical sources though, so thats something in its favor, boosting it to "I'll probably see before it hits DVD" status. Ghost Rider looks like a bomb. A big, messy korian built bomb designed to cause as much everlasting damage as possible. Watch the trailer once... you'll see what I mean. Its too bad since Ghost Rider is a pretty cool character. I mean, hes got a flaming head for crying out loud. The one line "Human by day.. something else by night" was just too typical. Its too bad, that one had potential.

oh! in terms of my writing I'm gonna try and post Black Nine character bios tonight. For those of you who have been following this story you may be pleased to find I've added a few characters and edited a few of the existing ones in accordance with a few newer storylines that came to me. One Thousand One might be a next week update as I have plans for the remainder of this weeks nights and this long weekend will probably be spent moving people from one location to the next. Still... stranger things have happened and in the end, I shall persevere.

Until next time,

John, The Writer.

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