Friday, June 23, 2006

You could call me a Stranger... and you'd be right.

I really need to get this update thing down. Like... make it a habit or something. Haha it'd probably help if I was writing more and actually HAD something to post here. But I don't. At least not anything that isn't 4th Watch material.

Finished the final version (rough draft) of our Parables submission script the other day and I have to say, I'm very happy with it. More importantly most of the people who have read it are happy with it. They might be less critical than myself ( I mean in the sense that he who writes is his hardest critic ) but, in the end, its these guys that we need to give smiles and prompt tears. They are the audience; our consumer. So it fills my little heart up with measures of happiness and relief to know the script passes their scrutiny. Now I give this skeletal thing over to Josh and trust that he will clothe it in apparal so wonderous and fantastic that all who gaze upon it will be held inthrall. He'll do it too. Haha I can't wait.

In my other projects I have made little to no progess. Black Nines stares at me forelorn, still mostly untouched after the most recent corrupt file incident, the ideas lingering. I may post the character profiles later this weekend, I've been told they are the best part.

One Thousand and One is calling also. I reread the prolouge I had written originally for it, the one I was determined to rewrite into a different setting, and found I liked it better than I remembered. I think I'll keep it with minor changes. Keep the mood and setting at least, details always switch themselves a round for the betterment of all readers. Anyway, One Thousand One is one of those stories I love, for setting and Characters and a plot idea that has enough juice to spill over into an epic adventure. Its also Bekah's favorite and alot of our talks turned into parts of that story while I was writing it for Nano. So I think I'm going to promise two updates in the next week. Black Nines Profiles and a One Thousand One prologue. Because you, the reader, deserve it.

For now and for always John.

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Beks said...

Yay this is so exciting...what is better than having both Black Nines and One Thousand One updated....or worked on....during the course of the same time period. Kings to you John! I can't wait to see what your amazing imagination will come up with next.Here's to another hour of inspiration =)