Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Updates from the unknown!!!!

If I could pu that in little wiggly text font, maybe dripping green ooze, I would. Seriously It feels like its been about two months since I updated this thing so either that displays my laziness or my buziness (intentional mis-spelling). Honestly though there is little to report on the writing front except that my saved copy of Black Nines corrupted twice. Twice. Thus leaving me to start again from a recovered gmail attachement. Heart attacks DO come to the young, but that knight in glimmering armor (gamil!) hath come to the rescue. Awww the things of fairytales. Needless to say Black Nines has been set back... alot, but the ideas are still in my skull... somewhere. Updates on that a biiit later.

Parables direction has been moved or, should I say, redirected? In a week of emails and heated discussion Josh and I both agreed that 'Shut-In' is a fantastic comic, just not suitable for Parables. We will be finishing it, full length and INCLUDING Kenny the Thumb, everyones soon-to-be favorite twitchy squirrel. I'll post more about our next great comic idea in the 4th watch blog.

So for the remainder of this blog, I'm doing what bloggers everywhere do, but I'm going to attempt some poise. I will rant, its true, and about a geeky pop culture movie. Though bound in my fevered opinions I hope there might just be a spark of truth, a bit of light to bring to this dismal darkness that has been dubbed "X-men 3"

I'm not a massive fan to begin with, but when you start seeing trailers with Juggernaut in them, flashing images of Beast ravanging through armies of lesser mutants and murmurs of 'the pheonix' that geek heart inside beats a little faster. With material like that, they can't screw up! It's impossible! Right? Oh please...right? Yeah... right...

Its shallow, cyclops (again) is a minor and near useless character. Actually, correction, in this movie he IS useless. Main characters die, and I'm talking about the charatcers that survived in the same situations in comic land. I won't spoil what little shock value there is to be had by naming who, but lets just say, their deaths do little to add to the plot of the movie for the most part.

So heres the end, what bugs me the most is that this had potential to be a great show. Instead, for some bizzare reason, writers caved to fan pleads and tried to include everything they wanted. Succeeding in fitting in everything, they ultimately gave us very little. Two good, solid ideas would have gone a long, long way instead of trying to incorperate a half dozen minor plot lines that never developed to anything. *sigh* such good source material, so much waste.

the movie does have its moments, and those moments are good, but I can't help be feeling those moments have little flow to them, and are separated by expanses of stand alone scenes of fighting and mayhem. If only they'd had more flow... if only we cared a bit more about these characters... if.. but.. *sigh* And I'm finished.

See the movie, the animation is amazing. Take your kids, a five year old can figure out whats going on with ease. Form you opinions. For an action flick its not bad, but fans wanted a bit more. I think fans deserved a bit more. Thats my opinion and I think a few hundred thousand others might just share it.

Gone for now,
John The Writer.


Josh said...

Ha ha.. awww "heated".... more just like a "creativity-eruption of incredible ideas with the journey of sharpening and honing them into one story that will fit in the pages we're allowed" discussion. (I guess that's a pretty wordy description)

As for X3... my vote is that it was better than I expected. But I wasn't expecting much. After seeing trailers that looked like just a bunch of people attached to wires jumping around... I didn't have much hope for the Last Stand.

That being said... I agree... they tried to cram TOO much into an hour and forty-four minutes... it was cool to see Beast in action... and I can't believe Iceman isn't gliding around on an ice slide yet (He had his chance... but NOOO... he has to jump off the building with Kitty Pryde....)

Rock on!

John said...

but teh juggernaut AND Collusus! And where the heck did nightcrawler go? Seriously! haha Yeah I guess heated wasn't the ritght word for the job it was more an open discussion that, now that its nearly done, has yielded some fantastic results.

Thanks for the comment dude :)


srd said...

Oh come on... It's X-Men 3. Where's your unltimate-inner-nerd?

True, it's too short, true it's waaaay too cramped. And the dialogue sucked and there was no plot. But that's what happens when fans do movies, you try to get everything in and in the end you get this hyper-super-action-packed-no-brains-letgotosleep-movie.

And where the Hell WAS Nightcrawler? But still... Err.. Nevermind, all I got left is fan-girl-squeals.. Which are just plain scary.

Need some monster rock. Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX31NLJ2vJA