Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Middle of the Month and the end of summer looms!

I must be frank. Since I finished the final script of Thistles, I have written very little. Well, very little that I can post here. I doubt very much that anyone would wish to look upon my private journal, as my life is hardly as interesting as the people of my mind. I made goals before summer, and they were good goals. Goals worthy of effort and time. 1001, Balck nines and ( possibly) Condition Genesis. All of these stories are great, all of them will be worth reading when I'm finished with them. Right now... the problem seems to be time.

So now I'm making a new goal, hopefully one more realistic considering my current summer schedule. The first episode of Black Nines will be completed by the end of August. Thats it. Of course once Black Nines is finished, I'll move onto the next project ( possibly another Black Nines episode, possibly 1001) BUT no new projects until at least a few of these have been worked on and are in a place of satisfaction with me.

I'll probably post something a bit more enjoyable to read soon ( like tonight if I think of it ) so until then, adios!


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Beks said...

Cyberspace Log 4040: It's been sixteen days and still no response from base. From balancing potato wedges (the advanced food in space right now.)mastering the art of no gravity card towers, and seeing who can do the most cartwheels,the crew is making up new ways to endure the boredum. There is only so much we can do before getting restless. "The world needs a hero"...even if it's found within the retelling of Black Nines (;) *wink*)Ensign Bekah signing off.