Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Appreciation is hard to express

Thank You,

Publishing a book independently is interesting and there's a couple things that you need to understand:

1) Your book will be published. There's no review or submission process that you'll fail. You're responsible for quality control, no one is going to tell you your book is not good enough for sale. You edit, you upload and, suddenly, your book is for sale.

2) No one has to buy your book. This is the case in traditional publishing as well, but when you self publish, you could get no sales. 0. That happens a lot, actually.

I'm pretty proud to say that thanks to you, our readers, we sold some copies. We actually sold quite a few copies AND we're continuing to sell copies every day. Sarah did some marketing pizzazz, which is an understatement of her mastery in the art of hawking books, but without people willing to put down real money for this book we wrote it doesn't matter how much marketing you do. I'm not going to say the reason we write is for money but when you put something up for sale, it's nice to have it sell.

During the launch week of The Captain of The Monte Cristo, we hit top 5000 books on Kindle. That's out of over 1.5 million books available. For a first story in a series and a first book by an unknown author, that's an achievement.

All I can do is say Thanks and to make the promise that we're not done with this yet; not by a long shot.


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Kathy said...

"Captain of the Monte Cristo"
By John Gunningham and Sarah Wilson
A great read! If you like science fiction and fantasy this book is for you! This was a fast paced book with lots of action, both in the space world and the gaming arena.
The character development of Edmund Dante was well thought out as Dante is initially portrayed as a caring person faced with challenges and betrayal. Years later after time in prison, Dante turns into a vengeful man. The resulting story of Dante’s attempted revenge is well thought out. Well done Gunningham and Wilson!