Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Something Witty about Saddles

2017 hasn't started out with a bang. I won't rant, but between our project load at work going to about 100% and about 5 people leaving in a month, January and February were hellish months. Those that know my writing, I don't use that word lightly. Then near the end of March I broke my collar bone. Between not having time, not having energy and being physically incapable, writing hasn't been awesome lately.

Between this post and the last one, I had a great run with a story called 'the Call'. Basically its what happens when a bunch of people receive super powers from a phone call. Its first person and I had fun writing it, but it still needs an ending and the middle needs a lot of work. yet another limbo project.

I've started a joint project with this fine Canadian Author:

Yup, that's an amazon page, she's making a go of it as an indie and making some headway. I meet her on wattpad and at some point in the near future you'll be able to buy something spawned from both of our brains. No hints yet but given my track record with space wizards and her track record with time travelling Nazis, I'm sure it'll be entertaining.

Part of my writing something here is in preparation for our launch, so there you go and here we are. Hopefully this thing I've dabbled in can build some momentum and kick my lazy butt into gear. The goal, my friends, is finished and published. I don't think we'll settle for less.

Oh, and this drops Friday: go to your favorite music outlet and get some of THAT. the singles, so far,

John, a would be writer.

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