Friday, November 19, 2010

I have been gone from here, and for that I apologize. I have excuses, oh so many excuses, but I fear none of them are valid. Still, I have not been idle. In fact, idleness has utterly eluded me. I dream of being idle, but such dreams are not to be.

Here is what has been happening.

We've moved! And thats working out well.

I've gone back to school! Part time while attempting to continue to work full time! Apparently I'm nuts! So farso good though, the term is nearly finished and next term I only have one class inste ad of three.

Wife is pregnant! So thats an exciting additional thing!

and finally... Mynfield Mysteries.

I've been writing like mad. Mad I tell you! With one goal in mind. This: . It means a finished novel of at least 80,000 words length ready to submit by the end of December. To the current instant I have 77967 words completed. Of a very rough first draft. Is it doable? Yes. Is it likely... no. At any rate this will be one of the very few times that I've managed to finish anything. AND that I've ever written anything of this length. So far I'm quite proud of it, and need parts of about three chapters to finish the initial draft. Then editing time. Editing like a mad man. I won't be posting any chapters here, not yet. I will post them after everything's done and rejected ;) If it wins.. well, then I'll post a link to amazon where you can buy the thing.

John, the writer.

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