Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just throwing in a post to make sure I remember to post. You'd think after all this time I'd have more to report. I don't. Not really. Well, nothing exciting.

Parables may never get published. Which is sad. It's mostly due to global economic struggles and Parables too edgy for Christians, too Christian for the public nature, which makes it just risky enough for people to not want to touch it. Might be it needs more sex and violence. Which would totally counteract what we're trying to do. I guess the world isn't ready for it yet, when it is, I guess we'll be here, waiting.

We're still going to finish our Piper entry for Paerables 2, I think mostly because Caroline has sunk awesome amounts of her skill and time into the project. We can't really let that go to waste. The story is good, but the art is amazing.

I've re-written the prologue for Mirror Mirror almost completely. Added a new character, changed the setting. Basic events remain the same, but this way there's less... weirdness, and more just story. It needs a serious edit, I'll post when done. Also took the time to write a proper outline. I have most of the book outlined so this version should actually have some direction and *gasp* themes that survive more than a few chapters! Wonder of wonders, I should write these outline things for all my projects! heh. Right.

Anyway, I'm alive


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