Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a quick update ( cause they're easy! )

Josh and I putting the final spit and polish on our Comic "Thistles" this morning, mere hours before it needed to be sent in to editor. It is finished and I feel great about it. The story is one of my better ones and I'd say Josh's art is as good as its ever been too. As this is the first close to full length comic for both of us, its really been a learning expierence and was invaluable from an artists perspective.

That said, if you see Parable in your local book store / comic shop, pick up a copy to at least thumb through. Thistles should be right there, a gem among a hoard of artistic treasures (seriously there is alot of solid, solid talent in this little anthology, and theres something for everyone I think)

John, the writer.

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